Top tips for HR practices that will transform your organization…

HR is very important, if not central to the successful performance of an organization. So, if you haven’t put all the proper practices in place, this can potentially hold you back!
A survey conducted by Josh Bersin showed that organizations who invested in the time, energy and finances needed to implement certain practices long-term, are now reaping the benefits!
of the practices that these organizations used that proved to be highly valuable and effective, included:
  • a clear and streamlined HR structure
  • consistent coaching, career reviews and informal chats about performance.
  • Regular development of managers and leaders
  • An HR structure that embraces both agile and design thinking
  • Equal and fair pay assessments.
  • Striving to improve work and leadership practices by using employee feedback and listening processes.
Has your organization already implemented some of these practices? Or does your organization have room for improvement?
These are just some of the practices used within these successful organizations.
For inspiration and to learn more about this topic, watch the ‘HR Tips Nugget’ video below, created by Bee’z Consulting.
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