• How to support employees through Transitional Change Management

    February 6, 2023
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    Change management has been an inevitable reality for many organizations over the past few years and the reasons for that have varied from the Covid-19 pandemic to mergers and acquisitions. But, whatever the reason or circumstances, leaders not having a carefully thought-out plan on how they will manage that change, can affect their employee’s wellbeing […]

  • Top tips for HR practices that will transform your organization…

    November 28, 2022
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    HR is very important, if not central to the successful performance of an organization. So, if you haven’t put all the proper practices in place, this can potentially hold you back! A survey conducted by Josh Bersin showed that organizations who invested in the time, energy and finances needed to implement certain practices long-term, are […]

  • The 4 key strategies to avoid Business Burnout

    February 10, 2021
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    The 4 key strategies to avoid Business Burnout Updated: Dec 5, 2021 In today’s 24/7 business environment, burnout is a major problem among business executives. 🤔 How much time and money is your company losing because of executive burnout?   🧐 Do you know you can avoid burnout in your staff–and reap higher profits?   Here […]